Tips and Case Studies on How to Validate a Business Idea and Get Ready for Funding

how to compile a lean canvas

How to compile a Lean Canvas, the business plan in one page

Useful tips about how to quickly compile a lean canvas, the first step of a new business or new product idea validation through Lean methodologies
3 May 2018/by Davide Turi
what to ask customers to validate pain points

What to ask Customers in order to Validate their Pain Points?

Speaking with customers is a useful and cheap way to validate their pain points and get insights to draft a value proposition. Let's discover which are the questions to avoid, and which are the ones that we can't miss so that.
22 April 2018/by Davide Turi
Library Of Tests To Validate A Business Idea

How to Select a Test to Get Market Validation for a New Product or Business Idea

Eleven tests to validate a business or new product idea that will help you launch a successful new product by minimising upfront investment and risk
22 March 2018/by Davide Turi
how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes for early stage startups

How to avoid the five most common early stage startup mistakes?

There are 5 most common errors I've seen early stage founders falling into, leading them to failure. These include jumping into build mode and writing a business plan too soon. Find out out how to easily avoid them.
11 March 2018/by Davide Turi
product-market fit is like planet alignment

What is product-market fit, and how to achieve it?

Product-market fit can be as rare and difficult as planet alignment. Here's a clear series of steps to achieve it by minimising time and costs, and by maximising customer closeness and benefit.
14 February 2018/by Davide Turi
how to identify early adopters

How to identify early adopters for a new business idea?

Identifying the early adopters for a new business idea is critical for its success. Learn how Uber discovered theirs back when they started back in 2008.
9 October 2017/by Davide Turi
customer centric competitive analysis

How to compile a customer centric competitive analysis?

Eight easy steps to compile a competitive analysis grounded on customers' needs instead of some obscure criteria customers' won't care about.
19 September 2017/by Davide Turi
value proposition market test

How to validate a value proposition with the least possible investment?

Bringing to life a value proposition is a critical and exciting stage of a new business or new product definition.
Seven techniques from the pretotyping methodology help validate it with the least possible investment and risk.
10 July 2017/by Davide Turi
validate business idea no business plan

Why a business plan is not the first thing to do when you have a business idea?

Instead of making up numbers on a long business plan, try seven quick and cheap steps that will provide validation to a business idea grounded on customers and market insights
14 June 2017/by Davide Turi
proof of concept to validate idea

Why developing a technical proof of concept is not the first thing to do to validate an idea?

Developing a POC allows companies to verify whether their internal skills and technologies can deliver a satisfactory solution. However, the first thing we should ask ourselves when starting a new product journey is "is there a market need for it?", and not not "can we do it?".
17 May 2017/by Davide Turi
how to run customer development interviews

Ten tips to run effective customer development interviews

Running customer development interviews is a cheap and fast way to gather rich and meaningful insights to define and validate a value proposition. Learn how to do it right and avoid wasting time or getting to incorrect conclusions.
18 March 2017/by Davide Turi
online surveys for new product

Are online surveys really effective to inform a new product design?

While online surveys are great to quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviour, and other defined variables, it’s through face to face qualitative interviews that we have the opportunity to understand customer problems and validate the assumptions for a new product or business.
18 March 2017/by Davide Turi
customer development recruitment

How to recruit early adopters for customer development interviews?

Recruiting customers for customer development interview is hard. Here are plenty of tricks and proven techniques to make your life easier.
25 February 2017/by Davide Turi
Most startups fail because there is no market need for what they do

Why most startups fail and how to succeed?

Most startups fail because there is no market need for what they do. Learn about a proven proven process to transform a business or new product idea into something for which there is a market need.
25 February 2017/by Davide Turi