Business Coaching

I guide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through their journey from an initial idea – or technology – to a successful product ready to raise funds.

I apply a proven process to get traction, tested with large organisations and 150+ early startups alike.
By helping teams to resist from jumping into the build mode and by encouraging them to engage with customers instead, I prepare the best ideas and technologies to credibly meet with investors and/or win competitions and grants.

What you get after 10 weeks of coaching

Full time entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs

  • 20/30 problem interviews
  • Survey for quantitative validation
  • 20 solution interviews or setup of other tests as from library
  • A MVP launched (depending on the actual product)
  • A pitch deck ready for investors/competitions/grants

Part time entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs

  • Around 10 problem interviews
  • Survey for quantitative validation
  • Around 10 solution interviews or setup of other tests as from library
  • Possibly a MVP launched (depending on the actual product)
  • A pitch deck ready for investors/competitions/grants


“I would never build a startup again without going through a process like this, as it gives you the best chance to succeed and helps you understand whether there really is a need for your product or if it is best left as an idea”.
Connor Reddy,

“We assume that we understand and know our customers’ needs and requirements, but it’s not until we actually undertake direct market research can we can be absolutely certain. This alone has been the most valuable lesson taught to us by Davide. It has saved us ample time, finances and resources on the pursuance of a direction with no validated standing. With Davide’s continuing support we remain positive in the development of a business model, which has significance and will be impactful upon society”.
Vipul Modi, entrepreneur and Imperial College Business School student

It has been a great journey working with Davide. He is simply amazing. He is motivated and very clear on the goal.
Moreover, the fact that he provides brutally honest guidance helped me understand if I like to be entrepreneur. It is crucial that someone tells you straight and guide you through
Worrapong Sam Kit Anan, Graduate teaching assistant at Imperial College London and VCC18 finalist with Therapop

Davide’s support during the VCC was invaluable. We learnt the importance of ensuring product/market fit and how to take practical steps to validate demand and gain traction through clear communication and constructive criticism.
Nico Smuts, Founder and CFO DX Network, MsC Computer Science Imperial College London

Davide’s sessions were extremely productive and we used their output heavily. We learnt how to make a good investors slide structure which focuses on what the audience wants/what we want to achieve”.
Jeremiah Smith, Founder and CEO Startup Tracker and DX Network

“Without Davide’s input we would not have made it! Thanks so much for providing us with a more costumer-focused perspective of our idea.
During the coaching sessions we have learnt the importance of establishing contacts with the potential clients and assess market needs, rather than focusing only on the development of the technology”.
Andrea Rodriguez Martinez, Co-founder at Momoby, winner of Imperial College London’s Venture Catalyst Challenge 2018

Davide has helped us not trust any assumption about the business before you’ve verified it from a customer/stakeholder and figured out the value for each of them. We understood that before you even think about doing financial modelling, you should figure out exactly how much value you’re providing your customers – and work up from there.
He helped us crystallise what we needed to prioritise and what steps were crucial to do first“.
Nathan Macabuag, co-founder of Mitt, winner of three Imperial College London competitions in a single week

“It only takes a short conversation with Davide before you begin to realise the depth of his knowledge and the passion that he brings to his work. 
Having worked with Davide for several months I’ve been privileged to witness how he deftly deconstructs business ideas, reveals their riskiest assumptions and rebuilds them into an actionable, testable plan. 
As an entrepreneur and business leader I can’t but help wishing that I’d known Davide on my last business venture!”
Aaron Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of 6|2 Design

“Over the last few months Davide has been great asset as an advisor and he has shaped my work flow to be more directed. It’s great to bounce ideas with him, as he can see them in a linear logical steps, which gives me clarity and better business direction. “
Abul Rob, CEO and founder of Halal Eat, named one of the “five Muslim Start-Ups with a big future in the UK and beyond” by Forbes