01 Ventures

01 Ventures is a venture capital fund, with a supporting startup studio for all their portfolio companies.

Their sweet spot is deep technology startups who have already taken their product to market, have demonstrated early signs of traction (not necessarily revenue) and are now looking to scale their business. They would like to be the first institutional investor in these startups.

The startup studio is available free-of-charge to their portfolio companies. No catch. They deeply believe that capital only represents part of a strong venture capital investment, and of course it is in their interest for you to succeed. They also provide access to an extensive network of advisors and mentors, to ensure their startups are well equipped for any problem that raises its head.

source: Crunchbase

Coached and guided portfolio startups to validate business ideas and business models and achieve product-market fit.

Main activities included:

  • identification of riskiest assumptions for the business idea
  • customer development interviews and definition of a Unique Value Proposition
  • testing, iteration and validation of an early stage prototypes/MVPs until customer commitment is achieved