Backtracker was a bootstrapped social network connecting young backpackers around the world and providing them with useful info, tips, travel and accommodation bookings advice.

After MVP launch, it has soon achieved the first place of the “backpacking” category in the Apple Store before shutting down its operations in mid 2016.


I’ve coached internal resources to adopt a customer-centric approach while pivoting initial business idea to achieve product-market fit.
Activities included:
– identification of riskiest assumption
– coaching team members to conduct customer development interviews
testing and iterating prototypes before launching new product releases on the store
– apply Hooked framework to increase user retention and engagement


Davide actively got stuck into our product roadmap, really helping us to identify the core value proposition, and getting us to focus on what was most important. He was never difficult to get hold of and on many occasions he contacted us to checkin rather than the other way around.
Geordie Palmer, CEO

Davide was invaluable to our product team, forcing us to constantly re-think our product design by simplifying it and coming up with innovative solutions. Our weekly sessions brainstorming a new product roadmap saved us months of work developing an overly-complex, clunky product that lacked the necessary qualities to hook users in. A huge help for BackTracker, but also for my own personal development.
Henry Latham, head of product and design