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Materialize.X is at the cutting edge of Material Science & Machine Learning.
The adhesive industry is changing, by regulation and customer’s demand to shift to non-toxic alternatives.

They help companies, large and small, to cope with regulations by offering a bio-adhesive to replace urea-formaldehyde and an optimisation software based on Machine Learning to increase productivity and integrate new technologies.

I’ve supported the founding team of a deep-tech startup to validate a new product line and define the next steps to validate the market before investing further resources.

  • Reviewed new product development projects
  • Validated idea and business model by identifying riskiest assumptions
  • Defined a test plan to get market validation before investing large budget or committing further resources. The tests have been selected from this list
  • Helped identify early adopters in order to focus team activities and effort and create the conditions for growth


Davide helped us to focus on those early adopters who can help us to de-risk the business plan. Now we know which collaborations we should prioritise.
It’s also useful for us to learn about these techniques: starting from a lean business canvas, then finding the underlying assumptions, then finding the risky and unknown ones, and finally the easy ones to validate.

Adrien Hitz, co-founder at Materialize.x