Momoby health

99% of maternal deaths happen in developing countries, where access to basic early pregnancy tests recommended by World Health Organisation are often not performed.
This happens because testing facilities are often far from rural areas or lack the equipment required.
Launched by two Imperial College MD and PhDs, Momoby is an innovative fingerprick test that brings antenatal care to women living in geographically isolated areas.

As part of the Imperial College London‘s flagfish competition Venture Catalyst Challenge 2018, I’ve been working with the two founders to help them transform an initial idea and technology, triggered by a field trip in Africa, into a credible story for investors and competition judges.

We focused on the importance to identify early adopters, talking with them and validating their pain points and workflows.
We developed a value proposition based on target segments’ needs, and moved on to secure early traction for the product so that we could put together a compelling story for competition judges.

As a result, Momoby went on to:


“Without your input we would not have made it! Thanks so much for providing us with a more costumer-focused perspective of our idea.
During the coaching sessions we have learnt the importance of establishing contacts with the potential clients and assess market needs, rather than focusing only on the development of the technology”.
Andrea Rodriguez Martinez, Co-founder at Momoby