how I helped creative development agency own device to validate a business idea and define a plan to get market validation

Own Devices is a creative development agency helping sports brands speak to their audience in a way that resonates, rather than patronises.

They team up with brands to bring visions to life and create authentic fan experiences that continue to break new ground and engage new audiences.

They are a collective of unorthodox creatives that deliver the research, branding, strategy, and execution.

I’ve been working with Own Devices to validate a new business idea, design a Unique Value Proposition and define the cheapest and fastest tests to validated it on the market.

The process included:
– Compile and reviewing a Lean Canvas
– Identify the riskiest assumptions for the new business
– Identify strategies to recruit target customers for interview
– Prepare, review and iterate a Customer Discovery interview script for each segment

With all these customer insights available, I’ve then facilitated a workshop with the team to:
– define early adopters personas
– define Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD)
– rank JTBD based on multiple criteria
– analyse pains and gain for each JTBD
– brainstorm pain relievers and gain creators
– define product features
– draft Value proposition statement and three key pillars of UVP
select a test from the library and compile a test card as most immediate next step for the business


I worked with Davide to help validate a business idea and was very impressed with his approach and experience.
The process helped us to really understand whether what we were looking to build had a place in the market/was solving a real problem for our potential customers.
From my own experience, I would never build a startup again without going through a process like this, as it gives you the best chance to succeed and helps you understand whether there really is a need for your product or if it is best left as an idea.
Connor Reddy, co-founder and CEO, Own Devices