VISIO was a french based seed-funded startup providing a B2B orientated flexible and confidential audio/video solution for their HR interviews, house calls, on-site visits and apartment tours.

It shut down its operations in Spring 2016, after having achieved a valuation of €1.82M

  • Set-up product management function and introduced product management best practices such as insight led feature prioritisation, customer and service usage insights led decision taking
  • Helped recruit a full-time product manager
  • Helped the CEO to align companies resources by applying AARRR metrics to improve company performance


Davide is an awesome person. I have had the chance to work with him on our product development and his advice were invaluable. I would highly recommend to any tech entrepreneur to not underestimate the power of product management and Davide is the perfect guy when help is needed.
Thomas Rigaudeau, CEO and Founder at