new product consultancy

I join product teams in large companies and funded startups alike to tackle critical business problems and transform them into actionable plans to launch successful new products.

I apply a proven process developed and refined during 15 years of award winning new product launches, which combines Lean Startup, Design Thinking and JBTD methodologies to maximise customer closeness and decrease risk and upfront investment.

What you get in how much time

DURATION: minimum a week.
The length of the collaboration depends from the easiness to access customers, support teams involved in the project and the actual product complexity.

– A competitive new product proposition solving your customers’ real problems
Market validation before investing a large budget
– Introduction of customer closeness and data/insights driven decision making within the company’s culture


“To a certain degree, for a certain period, every project has an element of chaos. 
Add an enormous budget, increase risk and multiply the number of opinions then the element of chaos grows exponentially. I worked with Davide in this sort of environment. There were so many plates being spun and egos at all levels.
In amongst this you often see people lose their good humour and humanity. Inevitably, creativity soon follows and ideas grind to a halt.
Not with Davide. He kept a level head, his team’s spirits up and most of all he just kept going. I can’t underestimate how important that is – yes he’s very bright, has great business knowledge and is a lovely guy but above all these things the ability to keep things going means a project he is involved in stands the best chance of beating the chaos and seeing the light of day”.
Joel Bradley, Creative Director

“Davide has the rare talent of having the perfect combination of user-focus, technical know-how, creative flair, and business acumen – all of which mean he is an exception product manager and mentor. I would highly recommend Davide as a manager who delivers first class audience experiences. As well as leading by example to ensure the highest standards to develop products that users love, he is a pleasure to work with and he makes things happen even against the flow of the tide”.
Cliff Jones, product manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Davide at a technically challenging project that allowed Sky News to publish content to the state of the art Sky Q set-top-box. The project had aggressive timescales, budgetary constraints and very demanding senior stakeholders. It was also at risk of being late. Davide did an outstanding job at bringing everybody together and finding solutions that both allowed us to deliver the project on time and appease our stakeholders. I would definitely look forward to a chance to work with Davide again.”
Filipe Albero Pomar, scrum master