All my masterclasses are designed to interactively encourage founders and teams to adopt a Lean Startup approach to entrepreneurship and innovation.
They demonstrate how to create and grow a successful and profitable new business by maximising customers benefit and avoiding waste of time/money that occur when products for which there is no market need are launched.
They all use examples and case studies, they include practical work in class and they always deliver an actionable outcome for participants.

Finding Product-Market Fit

Lean Startup Masterclasses

The masterclass encourages teams to adopt a Lean Startup approach and to avoid waste of time and money caused by launching products for which there is no market need.

OUTCOME: founders compile a series of “how might we” questions enabling them to run a Value Proposition Design workshop targeting their early adopters needs.

RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, including a practical exercise in class.

Main content:

what is Product-Market fit and why it is important
– How the four principles of Lean Startup can help achieve it
– Why early adopters are key for growth, and how to identify them
– How to identify customers’ underserved needs: customer discovery interviews
– How to design a winning value proposition
– How to validate a value proposition on the market by minimising upfront investment

Identifying the Next Steps for a Business Idea

Lean Startup Masterclasses

The masterclass identifies the riskiest assumptions for a new business and defines the most immediate next step to validate them.

OUTCOME: a clear plan with actionable next steps to validate a business idea.

RUNNING TIME: 4 hours, including Q&A and in class exercise. Participants need to compile a Lean Canvas ahead of the masterclass.
I also run a 6 hours Masterclass in which we compile a Lean Canvas together.

Main content:

Why Lean Startup is the most efficient way to innovate and to create new businesses
– The four Lean Startup principles
– Case study: application of Lean Startup principles in a successful new product launch
– Exercise in class: identifying the riskiest assumptions for participants new business idea
How to validate the most common assumptions, practical tips with real examples
– Exercise in class: defining a test plan and next steps for participants business idea

From Idea to Startup

From idea to startup masterclass

The masterclass provides a brief overview of the Lean Startup methodology and introduces participants to the Lean Canvas.

OUTCOME: a compiled Lean Canvas for each participants’ new business idea.

RUNNING TIME: 30 minutes.

Main content:

Why falling into the “build trap” is the most common reason for a startup failure
– Brief introduction of Lean Startup approach and journey from initial idea to a product validated on the market
– Review in class of a Lean Canvas example
– Exercise in class: step by step guidance to compile a Lean Canvas for each participants’ business idea


We really enjoyed the Masterclass provided by Davide. I used to participate in a couple of Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas Workshops but I found the one guided by Davide is the best (easy to apply and the guidance is clear)“.
Imperial College London Student

“Davide’s speech has been extremely entertaining and engaging. He clearly outlined the challenges and the process he has been using to launch a successful new product to the market.
It’s great to see how Lean Startup works in a real use case and not only on a book!
Moreover, besides the successful product launch, the audience could appreciate the actual savings that a large corporation has made by adopting his process, and what were the obstacles he had to overcome.
Strongly recommended”.
Roberto Borroni, organiser of Product Management Night Romandie (Switzerland)

“For the first time I actually felt that taking a product or a service from an idea to a reality is actually something that I can do, and not limited to a select few with a magic formulae. It would be awesome to have more sessions like the one we had as part of this module, it was great!”
Imperial College London Student

The best workshop of the entire Entrepreneurial Journey elective. These are the things that we actually need to know to learn how to start a new business“.
Imperial College London Student

Great Storytelling“.
Imperial College London Student

“An incredible workshop. Participants commented repeatedly how enthusiastic and passionate you were. You were truly inspiring and the comments certainly reflected this”.
Imperial College Surgical Society Innovation conference organiser