6-2 Design

6|2 Design is a boutique WordPress website agency providing its customers with a powerful combination of strategy, design and code to promote their business and help them grow.

They specialise in strategically planned, beautifully designed and expertly built bespoke websites that deliver results.

I’ve applied a five stages framework with a number of entrepreneurs to transform a business idea into a successful new product.
Stages include:

  • identification of riskiest assumptions for the business idea
  • customer development interviews and definition of a Unique Value Proposition
  • testing, iteration and validation of an early stage prototypes until customer commitment is achieved
  • definition of MVP


It only takes a short conversation with Davide before you begin to realise the depth of his knowledge and the passion that he brings to his work. 
Having worked with Davide for several months I’ve been privileged to witness how he deftly deconstructs business ideas, reveals their riskiest assumptions and rebuilds them into an actionable, testable plan. 
As an entrepreneur and business leader I can’t but help wishing that I’d known Davide on my last business venture!
Aaron Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of 6|2 Design

Davide provided me with invaluable information about my own business.
Information that I did not consider before and where to concentrate my efforts to validate the business.
The whole process is as honest as you are, be prepared to be very brutally honest with yourself to get the best out of the workshops.
I highly recommend it to show you insights into your own ideas and business and where to aim your efforts.
John C., affiliate marketer and entrepreneur