Bibblio is on a mission to make Internet meaningful again by applying AI driven content recommendations that are aspirational, transparent, controllable, challenging and authentic.
They ultimately believe that recommendation systems should reflect who a reader could become, not who they have been.
Their recommendation engine recirculates publishers’ best content as recommendations to their users as they explore websites.
The benefit is that users find it much easier to discover great content, while publishers benefit from increased engagement, seen in higher dwell time and pages per session, and reduced bounce rate.

They have raised seed funds for a total of $1.8M so far.
Source: Crunchbase.

Bibblio related post plugin

I’ve joined to enable faster growth by applying existing technical capabilities, and my collaboration has been instrumental to the launch of the 5 stars rated WordPress plugin Related Posts by Bibblio.

I’ve coached internal teams to:

  • identify the top priority external platform on which to launch a plugin to fuel growth
  • identify target customers
  • organise and run customer development interviews
  • define a customer-centric competitive analysis (read more)
  • define a customer-centric value proposition
  • define MVP for launch

So far, the plugin has been defined one of the best of its kind available on WordPress” by WPlift, “enterprise-level content recommendations that help you build trust and value with your visitors” by WPMayor and one of the “10 WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” by WPBeginner.

This has helped grow the customer base by x10 in just three quarters.


We needed to make a decision on a new product development (i.e. for which platform do we build a plugin and how do we build the best one), and Davide brought structure to that complex process.
He didn’t overwhelm me or my colleagues, he listened carefully, gave me the confidence to keep going and made sure we articulated success and lessons learned. Last but not least, he helped me work with timelines – short sprints – towards clear deliverables, and checked in on them.
This was the main driver in completing the process in time.
Robbert Van Der Pluijm, Head of Bibblio Labs at Bibblio