Entrepreneurial Spark is a free business accelerator offering business support to start-up companies.

Founded in Glasgow to inspire and enable positive social change through entrepreneurship, they have supported 3,800+ start-ups that have raised £250+ million in investment and created 8k+ jobs so far across the entire UK.

In association with Disruptive Lemonade, I have conducted Growth MOT workshops for funded startups hosted at the accelerator.

The masterclass sense checks startups’ growth plans to make sure everything is in place to meet investors’ KPI.
It includes a practical exercise in class in which participants use a proprietary “growth funnel” framework to recap their growth plan, and to identify potential gaps and weak points.


“The workshop provided me with guidance on how to think differently about my audience – who you are going after and how to broaden your range of vision to include neighbouring audiences that you may have excluded. The framework that forced us to ask why do you use a product/service is a great starting point, and was very easy to apply to the product phases that I’m developing.
The practical and guided application in class of what I’ve learned is where the real benefit is.”
Karen Adams, CEO at The Prosperous Shop