Halaleat is an online food delivery platform targeting a niche market of 3M+ muslims in the UK and operating in a global Halal economy valued $1.9 trillion.
They are on a mission to bring halal food to the masses as the UK’s first halal food delivery portal.
It offers a diverse range of takeaway choices from curry to Caribbean, Chinese, Italian and more.
Nominated by Forbes among the “Five Muslim Start-Ups With A Big Future In The UK and Beyond“, they have just overachieved a crowdfunding campaign in Autumn 2017 and are now ready to expand from East London to the entire capital.
The business has been reportedly acquired in May 2018.

I’ve joined Halaleat with a broad advisory role, and I’ve helped with:

  • Validation of business idea through a regional MVP limited to East London
  • New front-end and back-end platform definition
  • Value proposition testing and iteration until product-market fit achieved
  • Performance measurement and monthly definition of objectives and initiatives for growth and service optimisation through the application of AARRR metrics
  • Crowdfunding strategy resulted in target overachieved in Autumn 2017

As a result, Halal Eat increased their marketplace transactions x10, increased conversion rate by 250% and helped secure funding for growth.


Davide provided continued guidance with clarity of thought when it comes to rationalising a problem.
Over the few months he has been great asset as an advisor and he helped shape my work flow to be more directed.
It’s great to bounce ideas with him, as he can see them in a linear logical steps, which gives me clarity and better business direction.
Abul Rob, Founder and CEO of Halaleat