Imperial Enterprise Lab

Imperial Enterprise Lab is Imperial College London‘s internal incubator with a mission to maximize the impact of Imperial’s dynamic enterprising culture to translate students and researchers’ ideas from science and technology into practice.

Located in South Kensington at the heart of the university’s world-class innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system, the Lab helps find the people, time, space and resources that students and researchers need to take the next step in the journey towards making a technical vision into profitable venture.
Ranked 8th in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2018, Imperial College London is a one-of-a-kind institution in the UK, focusing solely on science, engineering, medicine and business.
Imperial Enterprise Lab alumni raised $35M+ in seed funds during the last 5 years.

I coach undergrads, post-grads, PhD and MBA students to turn their ideas and deep tech inventions into awesome products and viable businesses within the Imperial College’s incubator.

As a resident Business Coach, I guide startups founders through the journey to achieve product-market fit and get a credible story in front of investors and competition judges. I meet with founders on a regular basis and I facilitate interactive and hands-on workshops to help them define the next steps to start and grow their businesses.

VCC imperial college london

I’ve coached the founders of 27 mind blowing deep-tech startups through the Imperial College London flagship competition Venture Catalyst Challenge, sponsored by the west London based venture builder Blenheim Chalcot.
All applicants have been invited to attend four exclusive masterclasses to help them grow their project, covering Customer Development, Funding, Pitching, and Legal Issues.
The best startup pitches received a total £40,000 of prize fund.

Institute of Global Health Innovation

I’ve coached the founders of 6 deep-tech startups tackling health issues through the Imperial College Global Health Innovation Student Challenge Competition.

Startups have been judged based on Technical / clinical / business innovation, Potential Global Health impact and plans for economic implementation and feasibility.
The best have been rewarded with a total prize fund of £8,500.

Programmable_imperial College

I’ve coached the founders of 13 software startups for a software and business competition organised by Imperial Innovations and Imperial Enterprise Lab.

Staff and students from across Imperial College London were judged on criteria that included technical ingenuity, commercial opportunity, and potential impact. The winning pitch at the final event will be offered a £10,000 Proof-of-Concept fund.

As part of the IBpitch programme, I’ve coached 7 startups founded by Imperial College London students.
IB Pitch is six- week programme that gives teams access to: two business coaching sessions, two sessions with an investor, one session with a sector-specific expert and pitch performance training.
Teams compete for a total prize of £8,000. Moreover, the winners will also receive a fast track pass to compete in the Venture Catalyst Challenge, Imperial’s biggest entrepreneurship competition.


“Without Davide’s input we would not have made it! Thanks so much for providing us with a more costumer-focused perspective of our idea. 
During the coaching sessions we have learnt the importance of establishing contacts with the potential clients and assess market needs, rather than focusing only on the development of the technology”.
Andrea Rodriguez Martinez, Co-founder at Momoby, winner of Imperial College London’s Venture Catalyst Challenge 2018

Davide has helped us not trust any assumption about the business before you’ve verified it from a customer/stakeholder and figured out the value for each of them. We understood that before you even think about doing financial modelling, you should figure out exactly how much value you’re providing your customers – and work up from there.
He helped us crystallise what we needed to prioritise and what steps were crucial to do first“.
Nathan Macabuag, co-founder of Mitt, winner of three Imperial College London competitions in a single week

It has been a great journey working with Davide during VCC.
He is simply amazing. He is motivated and very clear on the goal.
Moreover, the fact that he provides brutally honest guidance helped me understand if I like to be entrepreneur. It is crucial that someone tells you straight and guide you through
Worrapong Sam Kit Anan, Graduate teaching assistant and VCC18 finalist with Therapop

Davide’s support during the VCC was invaluable. We learnt the importance of ensuring product/market fit and how to take practical steps to validate demand and gain traction through clear communication and constructive criticism.
Nico Smuts, Founder and CFO DX Network, MsC Computer Science Imperial College London

Davide’s sessions were extremely productive and we used their output heavily. We learnt how to make a good investors slide structure which focuses on what the audience wants/what we want to achieve”.
Jeremiah Smith, Founder and CEO Startup Tracker and DX Network