London Fitness Tour

London Fitness Tour is a bootstrapped startup organising fitness programmes that allow customers to exercise, socialize and discover amazing gems of London all at once.

Forget crowded gyms, boring treadmills and sweaty people: through tour in Little Venice, Shoreditch, Brixton and Isle of Dog, you can work out whilst your brain is blown away by breathtaking views, stunning nature and undiscovered corners of the city.

london fitness tour

I’ve helped the founder to validate a new business idea, identify the riskiest assumptions and define a plan to achieve product/market fit.


Davide’s workshops have been extremely helpful. He is very knowledgeable, organized, kind and really helps you in understanding where you want to go and what the strengths and weaknesses of your idea are and therefore he helps focusing your energies on having a clear and strong idea before going forward. He is great at focusing on how to turn your weaknesses or uncertainties into strengths and certainties. I highly recommend him to anyone who is starting a new business or a new idea.
Elisabetta Faggiana, CEO and founder at London Fitness Tours